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The historical town of Trebon (Třeboň) is nestled in the spectacular South Bohemian landscape.People from all over the world come to Trebon to visit its unique historical and technical attractions. The long-standing tradition of fish-farming creates a very genuine atmosphere in the town and its surroundings. The famous Trebon spa completes the picture of an ideal holiday destination.

Why spend your holiday in Trebon?

The town of Trebon offers a pleasant blend of picturesque historical attractions, authentic experiences in the traditional fishing industry and deluxe relaxation at the local spa. You can start each day with leisurely walks on top of the ancient system of dikes that run between the miriad local fishponds.

You may explore the romantic landscape of wetlands, ponds and sleepy villages on foot or by bike.Later in the day, you can enjoy a lively array of cultural events and local festivals. In the evenings, you can enjoy the cozy restaurants around the historic town square of Trebon and sample local specialties, including the rich Trebon carp.

The historical centre of Trebon

The most unique, must-see attractions in the historical centre of Trebon are the Trebon Castle, the Augustian Monastery, The Church of st. Gilles and Virgin Mary the Queen and Trebon’s square, which together make up an urban conservation area. The natural centre of this well-preserved, medieval town is the picturesque Masaryk Square.

The town of Trebon

The enclosure of baroque and renaissance houses makes Trebon’s Square one of the most beautiful in the South Bohemia. The current appearance of the square dates from the flourishing fish-farming period in 16th century. The most significant architectural structure there is the Old Town Hall from the 16th century. A renaissance stone fountain in the middle adds a pleasant, graceful atmosphere to the square.

Trebon – the main sightseeing attractions



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