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The Village of Kojakovice

The Museum and Information centre in Kojakovice

With its traditional folk architecture, Kojacovice is an example of a typical South Bohemian village. A nontraditional exhibit about country life and emigration to America is situated in a former school in Kojakovice. Here, you can find a unique collection of the kind of tools and equipment that were used in every household 100 years ago. The tourist information centre is located there as well.

Kojakovice is nestled in the peaceful countryside of the Trebon Region. You can find this village about 15 km south of the town of Trebon. The village is easily accessible by car or by bike. Thanks to its well-preserved settlement structure and folk architecture, the village has been declared a village conservation area.

The Village Museum in Kojakovice

The Museum in Kojakovice is a nontraditional museum about the life of common people. The exhibit introduces the country way of life of our ancestors, as well as traditional crafts. The exhibits are hands-on, meaning that you can touch and try out various parts of them. Part of the exhibit is devoted to emigration to America, a process which impacted South Bohemian villages during the 19th century. Among other things you can view long lists of local people, who decided to seek happiness beyond the ocean.

Opening hours of the museum in Kojákovice

The museum is open to the public from July to August daily, except Thursdays (10.00 – 17.00), in May, June and September only in weekends. If you would like to arrange the visit of the museum outside the opening hours, please call tel.: +420 724 132 180. You can find more information on the official website of the museum –


  1. My Jewish ancestors came from southern Bohemia, some from Trebon and Cepp. I have been in Trebon and I have seen your efforts to keep the Jewish cemetery from disappearing. I thank you for that. I wonder if it might be possible for me to sponsor an essay contest among high school students with a cash prize to go to the student who wrote the best essay on the lives of Jews in the southern Bohemian area.
    Do you think that this might attract the interest of young people?
    Michael Stein

    — Michael Stein · Oct 16, 07:36 AM · #

  2. I was wondering if I could get in touch with Michael Stein due to his Cepp ancestry. My ancestry also came from Cepp, so there may be some relationship in our family lineage.Cepp being such a small farming community, it seems reasonable to ask. Thank you.

    — JD Sander · Apr 29, 02:33 PM · #


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