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The Trebon fishponds

The largest complex of fishponds in the Czech Republic is situated in the Trebon Basin, in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Most of the Trebon fishponds were built in the 16th century by Rozmberks, a significant noble family. There are currently 460 fishponds, which are used for breeding freshwater fish, especially carp. The Trebon fishponds and the surrounding landscape also provide a home for many endangered species of flora and fauna (sea eagle, Eurasian otter)

The Svet Pond

The Svet (World) Pond, one of the most famous Trebon fishponds, is the 14th largest fishpond in the Czech Republic (200 ha). It is situated adjacent to the historical centre of Trebon. The Svet Pond was built in the 16th century by Jakub Krcin, the regent of the Rozmberk estate. There is a walkway lined with mature oak trees on the dam of the Svet Pond. Besides fish farming, the pond is used for water sports, recreation and sport fishing. An educational walking trail Around the Svet leads around the pond. Boat trips are possible as well.

The Rozmberk Pond

The Rozmberk Pond is the largest fishpond in the Czech Republic. It is 489 ha in area. The name of the pond comes from the owners of the Trebon domain, the Rozmberk family.The famous Czech pond builder Jakup Krcin built this unique waterwork in the 16th century on the Luznice river, around 6 kilometres north of the town of Trebon. The monumental dam of the the Rozmberk Pond, lined with old oak trees, is 2400 meters long. The Rozumberk pond, a unique technical monument, has been nominated for the UNESCO Heritage list, along with other important cultural and technical works in the Trebon Region.

The Rozmberk Pond

The fish harvest at the Trebon Fishponds

The Trebon Region is a landscape of fishponds. So, one of the most attractive autumn event is the harvest of the Trebon fishponds. Fishery Trebon, which owns and manages many of the fishponds, announces the dates for the harvest of selected fishponds every year.
For example, the Rozmbek Pond is harvested every two years. This is a traditional local event, where can you see the work of professional fishermen, buy a fresh carp and taste a traditional Czech specialty – breaded carp.

Sport fishing in Trebon Fishponds

The Trebon Region has excellent conditions for fishing. Fishery Trebon organizes sport fishing on selected Trebon fishponds. The Trebon carp is the most frequently caught fish in the Trebon fishponds.


  1. Hi

    My husband and I will be visiting Trebon on Nov 4–5 at the end of a 3 week European holiday and it would be such a highlight to take part in the local Pond harvest if it will be happening when we are there. Is it a possibility?


    — Arlene Rosenblatt · Sep 21, 05:36 AM · #

  2. You can find information about harvesting of the ponds:…e-ponds-2012

    — Erika Suchanová · Sep 21, 09:09 AM · #

  3. Hi there,

    a group of my friends and I will travel to Czech next week. Is the ponds is in walking distance from town centre?

    Can you suggest to us which attraction is a must to visit?

    We only have 1 day at trebon and we will travel from cesky krumlov to trebon for a day trip.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thx

    — Esther Ooi · Nov 10, 04:40 PM · #

  4. Goog morning, Esther Ooi,

    thank you for your mail. The Svet Pond in the immediate neighbourhood center of Trebon (about 200 m).

    On your stay of Trebon region you can visit of Castle Trebon and Schwarzenberg Tomb. You can visit also The Decanal Church of Virgin Mary, the Queen, and St. Giles, and the Augustinian Monastery. Church is openned every day (at weekend too) from 15:00 to 16:00. At this time you can have guided tour or without guide, too.

    I recommend for you visit also the Rozmberk Pond (6 km from Trebon; parking place is on dam of pond). I wish you good travel and stay.

    — Marie Košinová · Nov 13, 12:10 PM · #


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