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St. Gilles Church and the Monastery in Trebon

The Augustinian Monastery in Trebon

One of the most important church sites in Trebon is the Augustinian monastery. It was founded by the Rozmberk family in 1367. The monastery played an important part in the history of Trebon. Soon after its founding, the monastery in Trebon became an important centre of education and art in South Bohemia.

The oldest well-preserved parts of the monastery complex are the cloister in the convent and the Chapel of St. Vincent, which dates from the end of the 14th century. The courtyard is surrounded by a complex of mainly baroque buildings from 18th century. A 17th-century stone fountain is situated in the middle of the monastery courtyard.

St. Gilles’ and Virgin Mary the Queen’s Church in Trebon

The Church of St. Gilles’ and Virgin Mary the Queen is situated close to Trebon’s town square. The church is the dominant building of a former Augustinian monastery. The original church of St. Gilles’ was built in the second half of the 13th century. After the founding of the monastery, it was completely rebuilt into a monastic church. During the fire in 1723, the original gothic vault in the presbytery was demolished.

Later, the vault was restored in the baroque style. Major reconstruction of the church took place between 1897 and 1903. The baroque church tower, which had been built after the fire, was rebuilt in a neo-gothic style. Paintings originating from the 15th century are on the walls of the church. One of the most significant gothic works preserved there is a statue of Madonna, dating from about 1400.

Concerts in Trebon’s Church

One of the popular cultural events in Trebon are concerts of classical music in St. Gilles’ Church. The acoustics in the church are excellent. In particular, organ concerts are held there.
Find more information about concerts and other cultural events in Trebon.

Guided tours of the church in Trebon

It is possible to arrange a guided tour of St. Gilles’ Church in German or English during the summer season. As well as the church, you can see the cloister, the paradise garden and the well in the monastery. To find a special church guide, you may contact the Trebon deanery on e-mail at: .


  1. Dory den,
    We are interested in visiting just the church of St Giles, without a guided tour. Are there regular opening hours?
    Paul Markey

    — Paul Markey · Apr 21, 03:03 AM · #

  2. Good morning,

    The Decanal Church of Virgin Mary, the Queen, and St. Giles, and the Augustinian Monastery is openned every day (at weekend too) from 15:00 to 16:00. At this time you can have guided tour (mostly only in Czech language) or without guide, too.

    — Marie Košinová · May 2, 07:08 AM · #

  3. Records show that many of my ancestors (the Hlavac family) were baptized, married and buried in St, Jilji Church in Trebon. Was that the original St. Giles Church or was it the small St. Jilji Church and cemetery outside of Trebon. Is there a cemetery in Trebon at St. Giles Church.
    Thank you.

    — Robert Lavach · Aug 5, 05:56 PM · #


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