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Fishpond Network of the Trebon Basin

UNESCO Nomination for the Trebon Basin

The whole Trebon Region (Třeboňsko) is connected to a long tradition of freshwater fish farming. A large number of fishponds were built there over the centuries. This sophisticated system of fishponds in the Trebon Basin has changed the original hostile marshland into the prosperous region of today.

A large portion of these unique manmade waterworks, together with significant cultural monuments in the region, have been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list. The official name of this project is Fishpond Network in the Trebon Basin.

The History of fish farming in the Trebon Basin

The name of the area comes from its administrative, cultrural and economic centre – the town of Trebon. The history of Trebon dates back to the 12th centrury, when a small settlement was developed on the trade route between the South Bohemian towns of Ceské Budejovice and JindrichuvHra­dec.The original landscape around the town of Trebon was covered in marshlands and large forests. In 1366, the town and the surroundings lands became the property of a significant noble family, the Rozmberks.

The Rozmberks started the long-term tradition of fish farming in the Trebon Basin, when they supported the construction of fish ponds and artificial canals. These sophisticated systems of waterworks transformed the barely habitable landscape into a prosperous region. The fish farming industry in the Trebon Basin experienced its greatest period of growth in the 16th century. The most famous fishpond builders were Stepanek Netolicky (? – 1538) and Jakub Krcin (1535 – 1604), who were the regents of the Rozmberk’s estate.

UNESCO nominated monuments in the Trebon Basin

The Fishpond Network in the Trebon Basin is under consideration for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The most important historical, technical and cultural monuments connected with the tradition of fish farming in Trebon Basin were chosen to represent this unique South Bohemian region.

The nominated monuments in Trebon Basin include:
• The Golden Canal ( Zlata stoka)  – a 48 km long artificial canal built in the 16th century
• The New River ( Nova reka) – a 14 km long artificial canal built in the 16th century
The Rozmberk Pond  – the largest fishpond in the Trebon Basin, built in the 16th century
The Svet Pond  – the pond in the immediate vicinity of the town centre of Trebon
• The historic centre of Trebon



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