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Fish farming in the Trebon Region

With more than 400 fishponds, The Trebon Region is a traditional centre of freshwater fish farming in the Czech Republic. The area is especially famous for carp farming. This tradition dates back to the 15th and 16th century when the powerful Rozmberk family built a large number of the Trebon fishponds. The Trebon carp is a popular local product.

The Trebon fishponds

Most of the Trebon Fishponds date back to the 16th century, the golden age of Trebon fish farming. The Trebon Fishponds, which have been used for carp farming since mediaeval times, have over time become an integral part of the ecosystems in the Trebon Basin. Rozmberk pond, which is the largest pond not only in the Trebon Basin, but also in the Czech Republic as a whole, was construced by the well-known Czech pound builder Jakub Krcin.

Sport fishing in the Trebon Region

The Trebon Region is a popular destination for anyone who is interested in sport fishing. You can try angling along the rivers or in fishponds designated for recreational fishing. Apart from the most common catch, the carp, you may catch pike, catfish, grass carp, tench, eel and other kinds of freshwater fish.

The Trebon Carp

The Trebon carp is the most famous local product of the Trebon Basin. Carp has been bred in the Trebon Region for centuries and the quality of Trebon carp has even been endorsed by the European Union.

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