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Fish farming in the Trebon Region

With its 460 fishponds, the Trebon Region is the largest centre of fish farming in the Czech Republic. The tradition of fish farming dates back to the 14th century, when the first fishponds were founded here. Trebon’s fish farming tradition experienced its golden age during the 16th century, when the Trebon domain was ruled by the powerful Rozmberk family. Today, Trebon fish farming boasts the fine-quality Trebon carp, the popularity of which extends beyond the boundaries of the Czech Republic.

The producer of Trebon Carp is the Fishery Trebon company ( Rybářství Třeboň a.s.), which is the largest producer of freshwater fish in the Czech Republic. Its annual production is around 3 000 tons of fish, and carp account for 95 % of that production.

Fish farming - Fishing out - pond Dvoriste

Selected fishponds of Fishery Trebon are also designated for sport fishing.



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