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Destinace Třeboňsko o.p.s. is a non–profit organization, which provides services for public benefit thourgh its projects, which are focused on the presentation and promotion of the Trebon Region as an attractive tourist destination. The organization organizes activities and events, which support the development of tourism in the Trebon Region.

The main activity of the organization is running the webpage in the Czech language. This webpage provides visitors to the Trebon Region with useful tourist information. The organization also provides tourist information about the Trebon Region in English on the web page Destinace Trebonsko o.p. s. is also organizer of the Fishing Festival in Trebon and the surounding Trebon Region.


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  1. Dobrý den


    We are traveling to Třeboň from Český Krumlov by bus in a few weeks. I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

    (1) There seem to be two bus stops in Třeboň (coming from Český Krumlov): Třeboň aut.nádr. and Třeboň Stara Hlina. Where one should we get off for visiting the Town Center? Where is that bus station located (on what street)?
    (2) Is there a place to store our suitcases near the bus station? Do you a suggestion where we can store them when we visit Třeboň

    We would appreciate hearing from you. Děkuji. Best regards, Yoshi Yagi

    — Yoshi Yagi · Apr 18, 10:56 PM · #

  2. Last week we visited Trebon – a day trip from Ceske Budejovice.

    We were impressed with the town itself and also with the information from the Tourist Information. Signposting in the town is excellent; the castle park is very well cared for.

    We'll be back!

    — Jim DUNLOP · May 13, 07:28 PM · #

  3. Hallo Mr. Yagi,
    if you want to visit the town Třeboň, you must get off on the station Třeboň autobusové nádraží. This station is at Jateční 365, Třeboň. Centrum of the town is a ten minute walk.

    Service left luggage is at the train station Nádražní ulice (Railway street) and in the bus station in Třeboň. You must take away them latest at 18.00 p.m. At night isn´t service left luggage possible.

    — Erika Suchanová · May 18, 02:06 PM · #

  4. I am having a very hard time trying to pre-book a bus from Trebon to Vienna. (not the train) Do you know how I can do this????

    — Teresa · Jul 13, 03:34 PM · #

  5. Mrs. Teresa,
    I´m afraid, but the bus from Trebon to Vienna does not run. You must go by train or by bus from Czech Budějovice (20 km from Trebon).

    — Erika Suchanová · Jul 14, 09:46 AM · #

  6. Is it possible to rent a scooter or motorized scooter? My wife cannot cycle.

    — Nestor · Nov 11, 06:43 PM · #

  7. Mr. Nestor, there is rental the motor scooter in Trebon. You find contact here

    — Erika Suchanová · Nov 24, 12:04 PM · #

  8. I would like some information about the upcoming event „Vodácký triatlon EPPI 2012“.
    Thank you so much!

    — Zuz · Mar 14, 05:33 AM · #

  9. Paddling triatlon helds on Saturday, 29. september 2012. 3 km run, 12km mountain bike, 2 km paddle. The track leads around the lake at Veselí nad Lužnicí. For more information contact the information center of Veselí nad Lužnicí:

    — Erika Suchanová · Mar 14, 09:12 AM · #

  10. Hello,
    I'm coming by train from Ceske Velenice and changing to the Ceske Budejovice bus in Trebon. What is the distance to walk between the train station and the bus station? Can I get directions in English at the train station? Thank you for this very helpful website.

    — susanna starr · Apr 18, 12:57 AM · #

  11. Hello Mrs. Susanna,
    it is approximately 1,5 kilometres (15 minutes walk) from railway station to bus station.
    If you will stand outside the railway station building (station behind your back), go straight on down the street until highway. There you turn left and go still straight on until you will come to the bus station.

    — Erika Suchanová · Apr 18, 08:39 AM · #

  12. We shall rbe visiting Trebon during May and would like to know if there are any tourist boat trips on the lake available.
    Many thanks

    — Diana Evans · Apr 20, 07:40 PM · #

  13. Hello Diana, you can sail fishpond Svět every day on the hour bettween 9 and 16. First-hand information on Milan Zákrejs, + 420 603 456 635, mail: flyma(at)

    — Marie Košinová · Apr 21, 11:51 AM · #


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