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Accommodation in Trebon and its surroundings

Are you looking for a place to stay in Trebon (Třeboň)? Do you need assistance in arranging your South Bohemian stay near Trebon? We can make reservations for you in the guesthouses, hotels or private apartments of the Trebon Region.

Types of accommodation in Trebon

If you are looking for a place to stay in or around Třeboň, you have a wide range of accommodations to choose from. We can arrange everything from apartments without board to cozy bed-and-breakfasts in the countryside to a four-star hotel in the historical centre of Trebon.

The types of accommodations offered in the Trebon Region include:

  • hotels
  • guest houses
  • bed and breakfast
  • private lodgings and private apartments
  • hostels
  • cottages

Would you like to book accommodation in Trebon?

If you are looking for accommodation in Trebon and the surrounding area, please send us your requirements and we will make a reservation for you at the place of your choice. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and write your requirements for accommodation as a comment below this article.

Please, state the following information to ensure the most efficient processing of your request:

  • the time period for which you request accommodation
  • the maximum acceptable price per person per night
  • the number of persons to be accommodated
  • any other requirements ( for example – accommodation in the historical centre of Trebon)
  • your contact information (e-mail, phone number)

We will make a reservation for you free of charge. You will pay only the price which corresponds with the list price of the accommodation provider. This service is provided by Destinace Trebonsko, o.p.s., the administrator of the web pages Your accommodations will be arranged by one of our experienced employee, who works out of our office in Trebon and who is in personal contact with the providers of accommodation.

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Are you looking for accommodation in Třeboň? Do you need assistance in arranging your stay in the Trebon Region? We can make reservations for you. Just send us your requirements.

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